Zwartbles Sheep

Zwartbles were imported from Holland in the 1990’s. They have excellent maternal instincts which allows them to be cross bred easily as well as Pure Bred. They traditionally have brown or black coats with a white face and white socks.

Zwartbles are very docile creatures which makes them an excellent animal to introduce to young children.

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Popular Coffee Drinks Explained

As a nation of Coffee Lovers, the variety of drinks available is growing all the time and we’ve rounded up the basics to help you decide what’s next for your coffee fix.

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Slow Cooked Venison Ragu Recipe

This Ragu is a lovely warming family comfort food. Great for a winter Sunday dinner when you are out and about as you can basically leave it in the oven and then just cook the pasta and serve it when you get back in to warm everyone up. This recipe uses Venison shoulder which is a great value for money cut, which benefits from slow cooking as it is packed with flavour and cooks down beautifully to become super tender, where other cuts would just disintegrate.

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Edenmill Alpacas

Alpacas are domesticated versions of Vicunas, South American ruminants which live high in the Andes. They are very similar to their cousin the Llama who are bred as pack animals. Alapcas are bred because they produce soft wool which is similar to lambswool but is much warmer and doesn’t tend to be as itchy.

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