Our three alpacas, Charlie, Rio, and Sully would be delighted to meet you! Charlie is three years old; Rio and Sully are both 2 years old. The boys each have their own unique characters with Charlie being the boldest, Rio the most energetic and Sully the shy one on walks.

Our alpacas need cleaned and fed once a day. They graze with their food so they will still have some left to see them through the night. They can be very cheeky and will sometimes pull the hay out of their hay nets to make themselves a nice comfy bed – our shavings are not good enough for them!

Did you know…

· Alpacas can live for 15-20 years

· Alpacas wool is very valuable

· Alpacas protect the animals and people they have bonded with

· Alpaca babies are called Cria

· Alpacas hum softly when they are curious, content, worried, bored, distressed, or cautious

· Alpacas all do the toilet in the same place

Our Alpacas have fantastic characters and make ideal partners to take for a walk in the local countryside. We look forward to seeing you at Edenmill Farm soon to meet all our animals!!

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