Our three Zwartbles, Woody, Buzz, and Rex would be delighted to meet you! All three were born in April 2020, Woody and Rex were twins. The boys each have their own unique characters with Rex being the boldest and the most energetic, Buzz who trots along happily and Woody is the shy one on walks. They all enjoy a wee biscuit out on their walk, normally a Malted Milk!

Our Zwartbles need cleaned and fed once a day. They are very greedy with their food! They can be very cheeky and will sometimes pull the hay out of their hay nets to make themselves a nice comfy bed – our shavings are not good enough for them!

Did you know…

· Zwartbles can live for 10 to 12 years

· Zwartbles originate from Holland and the Netherlands

· Zwartbles are classed as a rare breed in the UK

· Zwartbles make good mums for their lambs and produce a lot of milk.

· Zwartbles is Dutch and in English it means Black Blaze.

Our Zwartble Sheep are very lovable and have fantastic characters. They make great companions to take out on a trek and are ideal to spend time with children of all ages. We look forward to meeting you all soon!!

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