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The Farm Shop uses locally sourced food from all around Scotland.

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Edenmill Farm Shop


During the COVID-19 outbreak Edenmill Farm Shop are remaining open to supply locals with fresh produce. We are offering collection or delivery of orders, which can be placed by emailing info@edenmill.co.uk
During this time, we are open Wed-Sun 9am-5pm, closed Mon & Tue

We have 2 pre-set packs to choose from, or create your own from the list below
All products are freshly prepared, and can be frozen

Pack 1 – £30
1lb Steak mince
1lb Shoulder steak
Half lorne sausage
4 Pork steaks
1/2lb Chicken pie
6 jumbo Beef, chilli & tomato sausages
10 Beef link sausages

Pack 2 – £50
2lb Rolled pork
1lb Steak pie
1lb Pork links
1lb Steak mince
Half lorne sausage
4 Chicken breast
8 Black pudding OR 8 Haggis OR 4 of each
6 jumbo Beef, chilli & tomato sausages
10 Beef link sausages

 Create your own order from the below products:

1/2 lb Steak Pies – £6.00
1lb Steak Pie – £9.70
1lb Chicken Pies – £9.70
Rump Steak – £19.00 per kilo
Rib Eye Steak – £36.00 per kilo
Sirloin Steak – £36.00 per kilo
Fillet Steak – £59.00 per kilo
Posh Dogs – £13.00 per kilo
Smoked Bacon – £13.00 per kilo
Pork Links – £13.00 per kilo
Stornoway Sausages – £13.00 per kilo
Square Slice – £12.50 per kilo
Diced Beef – £16.00 per kilo
Shoulder Steak Mince – £17.00 per kilo
Chicken Breasts – 2 for £6.00
Black Pudding (4 Slices) – £3.00
Haggis (4 slices) – £3.00
Half Dozen Eggs – £1.65
Picante Sausages – £14.00 per kilo
Ardrossan Pork Loin – £13.00 per kilo
Lamb Scotch Chops – £28.00 per kilo
Ardrossan Pork Chops £13.00 per kilo

Edenmill Farm Shop, Café & Soft Play is a family run business nestled in the rolling landscape between the Campsies and Loch Lomond, just a 10 minute from Bearsden and Milngavie and close to the Strathendrick villages of Strathblane, Killearn, Drymen and Balfron.

Edenmill Green Statement

The café and Farm Shop use locally sourced food from all around Scotland.

Jim the butcher uses QMS, ‘Quality Meat Scotland’ products which assures the supplier that the following stipulations must be upheld.

The animal feeds are sourced from QMS approved suppliers, transported by QMS approved hauliers and sold through QMS auctions.

The tea and coffee used are provided by Thomson’s, Glasgow’s oldest coffee roasters.

They ensure farmers receive a price well in excess of ‘Fair Trade’ standards.

At present Thomson’s are currently working towards making their packaging 100% fully re-recyclable/compostable.

Fish and shellfish are landed in Scottish waters and supplied by The Fish People of Glasgow. Eggs are supplied by Betty Aitken from Fintry.

Jams, tablet, honey and shortbread are all sourced in Scotland.

Cakes and traybakes are either made in The Edenmill kitchen or by Gayle from Dumbarton.

We are very proud of our Edenmill Kitchen Garden which supplies us with a range of fresh vegetablesthroughout the year.

The café has an ethos of ‘Love food hate waste’, customers are encouraged to wrap up and take home left over food.

We at Edenmill and The Attic will endeavour to help the environment by reducing the amount of pollution that enters the soil, water and air while improving and monitoring how we recycle, reuse and upcycle.We will always strive to use the minimal amount of plastic possible while encouraging our customers to do the same