As a nation of Coffee Lovers, the variety of drinks available is growing all the time, often people prefer to stick to what they know, and we pride ourselves at Edenmill Farm on knowing our regular customers and your favourite beverages. If however you’ve been eyeing up our menu or fancy trying the latest trends we’ve rounded up the basics below to help you decide what’s next for your coffee fix.


Also known as the Short Black, the Espresso is a highly concentred drink served as a shot, with intense flavour and caramel coloured crema on top. The base for all coffee drinks, although modest in size, perfecting this element of a coffee drink is imperative for a barista to create all your favourite beverages.


Thought to have originated from World War II when soldiers added water to their coffee to extend their rations an Americano is a popular breakfast drink made by adding hot water to Espresso.


Meaning mark or stain, Macchiato offers a moderated version of an Espresso ‘marked’ with a splash of milk.


An equal quantity of milk to Espresso, the Cortado balances acidity with steamed milk.


With a thick foam layer of milk the Cappuccino is a creamy indulgent drink often topped with chocolate powder.

Flat White

Utilising the steamed milk from the bottom of the jug rather than the foam at the top, a Flat White is a smooth creamy option rising in popularity in recent years.

Café Latte

A popular choice for first time coffee drinkers a Café Latte or Latte as it’s more often known, cuts down the acidity of the Espresso due to the volume of milk used.


A chocolate flavoured version of the Latte, a Mocha includes the added element of chocolate powder for a rich and sweetened coffee drink.

Iced Coffee

A growing trend, Iced Coffee is either brewed cold or warm and then poured over ice to cool. An iced coffee is a popular summer alternative to your favourite coffee drink.