Drive Thru Easter Scavenger Hunt


Follow the instructions below as you make your way through our Drive Thru Easter Experience to take part in our Scavenger Hunt. Please ensure you add to basket on completion and check out your order to submit your entry.

Welcome to Edenmill Drive Thru Easter Takeaway. To participate in our Scavenger Hunt please follow the instructions below as you make your way through the experience. Please make sure you add to basket and check out to submit your entry. You will receive a confirmation email once this is done.

Part 1 – Welcome To Edenmill Drive Thru

Hello and Welcome to our Easter Drive Thru Experience. Part 1 starts from here till you meet the Easter Bunny.

Have you watched our welcome video?

Look out for all our coloured eggs and count how many you see. They are hanging from the trees or might be hidden on the ground. All visible from your car. * 

Please submit the number of eggs you spotted in the box below.

Have you seen the Edenmill animals? * 

Tick to move on to the meet the Easter Bunny once you’ve shared our animal fact with everyone in your car.

It is time to meet the Edenmill Easter Bunny and collect your gift. * 

Tick to move on to Part 2 of your Edenmill Easter Drive Thru Experience after you’ve met the Easter Bunny.

Part 2 -Make your way over the Gruffalo Bridge.

Did you spot the Gruffalo?

Make sure you scan the QR code to watch our second video message. Tick to complete * 

Spot the letters as you drive along Carrot Avenue to spell out a message from the Easter Bunny. Clue there are 11 letters to find. * 

Please submit the message you have found in the box below to submit.

Now do you know any jokes to share? We have a few suggestions hiding for you to read to one and other. * 

Tick to move on once you’ve shared our Easter jokes with everyone in your car.

Do you have any jokes for us? Enter them below to make the Easter Bunny giggle. * 

It’s time for our Spring fling, grab a ball and take aim.

Tick to move on to Part 3 of your Edenmill Easter Drive Thru Experience once you’ve run out of balls to throw.

Part 3 – Have you scanned the QR code for part 3? Listen to our last video message before continuing down carrot avenue.

As you head along Carrot Avenue spot the hidden object hidden by the Easter Bunny.

Tick to move on once you’ve found all of the hidden objects in the pictures. * 

Now is a great opportunity if you haven’t already to take a photo of yourself wearing your Easter Bonnet. * 

Please upload your photos to social media and make sure you tag us in them. We can’t wait to see all your creations. Extra points for the best pose. We’re on Facebook and Instagram @EdenmillFarm

It’s time to collect your pre ordered food from our Chef and enjoy your delicious take away meal.

Now follow the signs to collect your take away. Make sure you park up and enjoy. There is an ice cream stall located in the first car park for a wee sweet treat after or our café hatch is located down in the second car park for hot drinks, cakes and other snacks. This is also where our toilets and butcher shop are located Don’t forget to tick below after you’ve collected your food and checkout to submit your entry.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your Easter Experience at Edenmill, thank you for supporting local and joining us to celebrate Easter! Stay Safe and we hope to see you again soon! * 

Please leave any feedback you with to provide below.

Now click add to basket and make sure you checkout your order to submit your entry.